How did our tale come to be?

The origins and history of the Fuchs family was founded to the South of Tyrol (Südtirol) located within the northern region of Italy. Our profound credibility of ancestry within the region bestowed upon us a family crest in the year 1616 to honour our longevity.

In terms of wine making, this idea rooted first hand from the year 2009, when our family legacy became entwined with the Castle Annenberg. A castle which boasts bountiful grounds and is situated in high altitudes of 1039m. Originally this prestige build, was created in the 13th century by Lord Von Burgus-Wangen; then however it underwent a mass expansion during the late 15th century by the family of Von Annenberg.

Cultivation of our ideas began the very year of receiving the grounds, with agribusiness and culture expansion beginning and successfully expanding from 100sq metres to 6000sq metres in 2014. We hold responsibility to 10 variants of premium grapes, with the highest quality by the likes of Kerner, Solaris and Schuerebe for our white wines and Blauburgunder and Zweigelt for our red wines.

The precision and pride of our execution is the exact reason why we represent the best wine attributes in South Tyrol. Implementation techniques such as growing the vine and fruit itself to the final bottling process at hand-not one variable is neglected nor completed without consistent control. Such maintenance translates into the wine quality that begins the tale of finesse and elegance we long for our dear customers.