Paintings at Annaberg altar

Detail of the center painting of the Annaberger altar, painted in 1517 by Sebastian Scheel. He shows Mary, the baby Jesus and other members of the family, the “Holy Family”. (Source)

Heilige Sippe (Annenberger Altar).

– Header Image taken By Patrick Kenel aus Lauerz , Schweiz

Sebastian Scheel came from Swabia (German: Scwaben) and probably received his education in Augsburg or Ulm. From about 1508 he worked as a court painter in Innsbruck. He created altarpieces, coats of arms, murals, maps, fortification plans and the like and often worked with Sebold Bocksdorfer and Paul Dax. He is stylistically at the transition from the Gothic to the Renaissance.

In the district of Heiligenheiligen-Schlachthof in Innsbruck, the Sebastian-Scheel-Straße was named after the artist.